Mrs. Briesacher

Being the girl who was always good at English, but hated it because it was boring, I was not excited to go into Pre AP English I. On the first day as a scared freshman, I walked into English and expect it to be just like every other class had been that day. I expected to go over the class rules and procedures, say what the class will be like, blah blah blah.

But in some way I could tell that she was different. Somehow I could tell that I was going to like this class without her even talking yet. Throughout the year she has become my favorite teacher. She has been really fun, but I still learn a lot from her at the same time. And she has been an understanding person who I can really talk to, not just another teacher who is fun to joke around with.

I had a really hard transition into high school. Most days I would wake up and would do anything to not have to go to school that day. Although there was one person in one class I thought of when I wanted to skip. Even though I hated going to school the one class I would do anything not to miss was my fifth hour English. It was a reassuring feeling knowing that I had a teacher at school who I really trusted and wanted to see every day.

Mrs Kelly Briesacher is a great teacher who has made me LOVE English, and a wonderful person who I will be sad to leave at the end of the year.