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The girls soccer team runs laps around the track as part of their after school training. The team began training for the upcoming season back in November.

Springing Ahead

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff Reporter March 2, 2020

The lights flicker on in the weight room early on Monday morning as the girls soccer team walks in to begin their workout. The girls pair off into groups of two and three and claim stations. Senior Paige...

PERCUSSION: The last wind ensemble group to perform was a percussion feature. The members of this group are Chris Bissett, Sam Bippen, Connor Banden, Alex LaBanca, and Emma Smallen.

Taking The Lead

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff Reporter December 6, 2019

It was getting dark outside as the band room bustled with performers practicing or talking to their friends to alleviate the tension from the first ensemble performance of the year.  Meanwhile, relatives...

JAM SESSION: Alli Rush plays a song on her guitar for her English class, much to her classmates delight. Rush brought her guitar to school for extra credit on a Spanish assignment and played for her other classes as well.

In a Rush

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff Reporter November 25, 2019

The bell above chimes as junior Alli Rush opens the door to Guitar Center, with her guitar in hand. She and her band set up on the small stage as parents begin to trickle in for their kid’s recital....

Spelling errors take up more room on assignments when written in pen versus when they are written in pencil.

Point Made

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff Reporter November 21, 2019

You’re in math class, rapidly writing down notes with your favorite pen, the tip gliding effortlessly on the paper. You’re on a roll, but when you finish, you realize you did the problem incorrectly...

The girls softball team celebrates at the end of another victory. They had a very successful first week of the season, with 4-1 win streak.

Lead off to the season

Robin Ziegemeier, Staff reporter September 10, 2019

The beginning of the season has been a busy time for the FHC varsity softball team, with a tournament consisting of four games, the first game being on Aug 31, then a series of three games on Sept. 2....

CIRCLE UP: The freshman circles took place in the small gym on Feb. 20 during seminar. The prompt for this meeting was passion, which the freshmen took turns answering.

Restoring the Circle

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff reporter June 6, 2019

The seminar on Feb. 20 was just another day for the majority of students. Unlike the rest of the school, the entirety of the freshman class headed towards the small gym for their once a quarter gathering...

Jonny Pechmann switches between playing for the JV and Varsity golf teams.

Starting off strong

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff reporter April 9, 2019

Many students find spring break to be a time to lay back and relax, but not the FHC golf team. On March 21, they had their first match of the season against Holt, where they won 9:2, despite the course...

Junior Bryce Alberty allows his hand to be raised in victory by the referee. Like many others at district, Alberty performed well and represented FHC to the best of his ability.

Success at state

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff reporter March 1, 2019

After a full season of hard work, the Spartan wrestling team went out on a high note at districts, on Feb. 8-9. Once the tournament concluded, Austin Smith, Kaden Hart, Jonathan Floyd, Andrew Godier, and...

Ricky Evans travels across the country and around the world to play at billiards competitions.

Cool under pressure

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff reporter December 26, 2018

Richard Evans steps into the crowded arena, along with a multitude of other competitors. Even though he has gone to many competitions before, and is confident with his abilities, he still gets nervous...

Pluto from Walt Disney pictures

Top 5 Disney Dogs

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff reporter December 3, 2018

No. 1: Dug from Up- Dug is an excitable golden retriever with a collar that allows him to talk. As soon as he meets Carl, he immediately takes a liking to him. He steals the show every minute he’s on...

CREATE: Mrs.Sprick helps a student during her first hour ceramic class.

Featured artwork

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff reporter October 30, 2018

It was just another day when senior Olivia Convery spotted a painting she had made hanging above the lockers. It features a bird, a turtle, and a squirrel on a purple background. She didn’t know that...

Asexual Representation

Asexual Representation

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff reporter September 10, 2018

Unlike the type you typically hear about in science class, asexuality for people is when a person does not experience sexual attraction. Like the heterosexual-homosexual spectrum, asexuality is also a...

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