I’m now entering Panic! mode

Everyone knows the anticipation of waiting for a new movie or book or phone upgrade. There is an automatic mental countdown for the day. You memorize the day of the release and you even catch yourself trying to forget about it just so you can relax. This is how I felt waiting for the new Panic! at the Disco CD, “Vices & Virtues.”

The trip to Hot Topic to pick up the CD was excruciating. Every second ticking by felt like an hour. After the purchase, I couldn’t get home fast enough to listen to the CD.

So there I was, about to press play. This was the moment of truth. I was hoping for the best, and praying that Panic! wouldn’t disappoint. I was hopeful but nervous because of Ryan and Jon’s departure.

But, back to the moment of truth.

The second the music began to play all of my doubts were lifted away. The first song was “The Ballad of Mona Lisa,” a song that I was already familiar with due to an early video release. After the first track drifted away I was gifted with the sound of “Let’s Kill Tonight” and so on and so forth.

Let me just say, I love the entire album. If you liked their album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out,” you will most likely adore this album as well. I’m happy with the return of Panic!’s rock feel. I mean, I enjoyed the more indie sound of “Pretty. Odd,” but nothing compares to a catchy song with a rock edge to it.

Another thing I enjoy about the album, besides the music, is the actual design of the album. The song lyrics are displayed in a different way for each song, and each design is as clever as the next. I’m really just happy to see Panic!’s personality again because, after a comparison with “Pretty. Odd,” “Vices & Virtues” has so much more soul.

All I can say is “Vices & Virtues” an album worth spending your money on, and this is coming from me. I’m a bargain shopper, aka a cheapskate. So, run to your nearest store and rip it off the shelves. Now.