Dance Gavin Dance

Life is full of mishaps and miracles. You can always compare the good and the bad, the dark and the light, the holy and the evil. Everything has an equal partner to keep the balance. Well, the band Dance Gavin Dance embodies this philosophy. This band combines some of the sweetest voices that have swam through my ears with an edgy, screaming dark side. The balance is euphoric.

Now, Dance Gavin Dance has been through a lot throughout the years. When the band originally came out, Mr. Jonny Craig was the lead singer. I pray that you have been blessed with the knowledge of Jonny Craig. If not, you have been severely deprived.

Later on, however, there were various problems emerging in the band. Jonny Craig and the other band members were clashing, and Jonny was eventually tossed to the side and replaced by Kurt Travis. This is when Dance Gavin Dance came out with the album “Happiness.”

I’m not dissing on “Happiness.” I think it was a beautiful album, and I enjoyed it a lot. But nothing compares to Jonny Craig. Kurt was, and always will be, second best in my heart.

Such is why it thrills me to tell you that Jonny Craig is now back in Dance Gavin Dance, and their album “Downtown Battle Mountain II” was just released on March 8. I haven’t heard it yet, but a friend of mine has already bought it and told me it’s as good as ever.

Dance Gavin Dance is a clever and upbeat band with just enough edge for to be interesting and one of the most unique sounds I have ever heard. Their music is genius, and Jonny Craig has a voice that literally sends shivers down my spine.

All of you reading this really should look into them. Some of you may favor Kurt as the vocalist and some of you may favor Jonny Craig. It varies from fan to fan. However, if your heart is stolen by Jonny Craig like mine was, I would highly suggest listening to some of his solo work, such as his album “A Dream is a Question You Don’t Know How to Answer.”

You’ll never regret listening to Dance Gavin Dance. They have this magical quality that cannot be put into words.

Oh! I almost forgot, if you do check them out and like them OR if you are already a fan of Dance Gavin Dance you should know that they are going to be performing at Warped Tour this year. Maybe I’ll see you there. 🙂