Victims recruit for new ‘product’

Sex trafficking is a reoccurring process that drains and dehumanizes young victims. This trauma is a result of the need or addiction of power many pimps have. It would surprise many people to hear that not all pimps are men. In fact, some women who are pimps were previously prostitutes.

In the minds of the women who are pimps, they received a promotion in the business. They no longer have to be raped by a variety of men every night. They can control the weak and the innocent.

However, after contemplation about the psychological state of these women, one may see that in their minds, these are their lives. Will they make the best of it and choose to have less pain in their lifetimes, or will they continue to be controlled and abused by others?

They have become calloused to what life is really is. They refuse to see the stark reality. It is a dog eat dog world. If someone has fallen, well that is her problem, her mess. I have to do what is best for me and me alone. So, apparently, these girls were just asking for it.

Compassion is gone.

There is no longer a person who has the ability to care for others. Instead, you have a hollow human shell that has forgotten how to compassionately love.