A fork in the road

Getting to the end of my junior year, I can not stop thinking about all of the college opportunities ahead of me. It is nearly a scary thought, but it runs through my mind most of the day. Choosing a college is very important. It will be where you create your career.

What excites you? What grabs your attention? What makes you want to strive to do better? You must be think those thoughts over and over in your head when looking at a college. It is what you will be doing for the majority of your life. High school can help you plan out your life and show you what your interested in, whether it be scientist, artist, photographer, etc. You have so many options and you must take advantage of them as much as possible. It will take trial and error. A lot of it. Get motivated to become something of the future.

You see those student who win the awards and make an actual difference, makes you think, “How did they get there?” Not everyone may think like those students, but they can be inspiring. Read up on how in high school they made a difference, how much they thought about their college and what made the difference. You may be inspired and be the next student up on the stage, getting an award.