NHS keeps it clean

As a way to clean up the area and gain service hours, Nation Honors Society members participated in the 2011 Mission Clean Stream sponsored by Wal-Mart. The event, which was held on April 2 from 8am til 11:30 a.m., required the volunteers to split up into teams and go around to Cotteville parks and streams and to pick up all the trash that had been left behind.

To start out the day, the Chief of Police Scott Lewis gave a speech about why volunteering is important in help keep the streams and community clean. The NHS members, armed with trash bags and a large black tarp, started their cleaning along Highway N, the soccer fields, lakes and streams throughout the area.

Many things were found in the trash, including a few street signs, water bottles, fast food packaging and other items. The state-wide event was participated in by over 200 volunteers and teams throughout the state of Missouri, and the orgqanization plans to continue this trend with another volunteer opportunity at a later time.