Digging up the past

This weekend has been really interesting and really fun. I’m still catching up with some old friends, and I even caught up with an old boyfriend. We talked a lot this weekend, and I’m getting caught up a little bit with his best friend. I haven’t talked to either of them more than a couple times in around three and a half years. It’s really cool talking to them again, and my old boyfriend keeps telling me I should date his friend. It’s kind of weird and awkward, but it’s also really neat that he thinks that. He says his friend and I have a lot in common.

I’m getting into a lot of things I used to be into. The guys I haven’t talked to in so long keep reminding me of all the things we used to do together, and I’m going back and playing old games and watching old movies. I love going down memory lane. It’s even better when they remember things I had forgotten because then I remember and I keep thinking about it.

It’s also really cool seeing their new interests. I’ve been looking up plays today, and yesterday I was thinking about trying skateboarding again, until I remembered that I stopped because I’m a complete klutz. I would end up killing myself on accident if I ever tried. The plays are really cool, though, especially because I’m really into performing. It’s really awesome, like we got a lot of things in common even though we lost a few. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the two of them all over again.

So I’m really realizing how I have a lot more guy friends than girl friends, now that I think about it. All of the guys I’ve been talking to from my past are just that. Guys. There aren’t any girls. I hear that’s normal, though. Girls typically have a close group of girl friends but the majority are boys, even if they’re not as close. I guess I’m alright with that though. It’s kind of cool, and I’ve always wanted to know more about guys and how they think. Maybe this will make boys less confusing. Who knows? I guess I’ll just have to find out.