I’m about to take A Rocket to the Moon

Despite the label I’m often given by people who don’t know me, I enjoy softer, poppy music. Because I’m a girl. Actually, I’m not just a girl, I’m a girly girl. Now, knowing this, you shouldn’t be surprised that I like A Rocket to the Moon, that is if you have heard of them. Which, I hope you have. Because they’re pretty phenomenal – perfect for those days that you’re driving around in your car with your sunglasses on, windows down, and the radio cranked up.

If you haven’t heard of A Rocket to the Moon, then I suppose I shouldn’t crucify you for it. Because I hadn’t heard of them until I actually saw them live one day. I had bought tickets for a concert featuring Secondhand Serenade, Cute Is What We Aim For, and A Rocket to the Moon. I hadn’t heard of A Rocket to the Moon, but they weren’t really the band that I was coming for anyway. So, I assumed that they were just a little starter band and I wrote them off completely. But, I was so wrong.

Once I was at the concert venue I was anxious for the show to start. But, when I saw A Rocket to the Moon step on the stage I didn’t really care. I was waiting for the other bands. However, when the music started playing I couldn’t help but listen to it. And the more I listened to it the more I liked it.

I would classify A Rocket to the Moon’s sound as a sort of pop/rock. But, the music is irresistible and the lyrics are clever (And I really mean that the music is irresistible, it’s impossible to not tap your foot to it – believe me, I’ve tried).

Well, anyway, back to the concert. I ended up soaking up the entire A Rocket to the Moon set list. So, I did the rational thing – I bought one of their CDs and had the entire band sign it. I mean, what else could a girl do in that situation?

I guess I’ll end this with saying if you enjoy light, fun, music then you’ll really like A Rocket to the Moon. So, give them a chance. I’d recommend “Mr. Right” for all of you beginners out there. And for all of those who have heard of A Rocket to the Moon just like me, don’t forget to spread the word every once in a while. The public deserves the chance to hear talent. Don’t hoard all of the good music away – that’s not good for the public or the band.