Situations transcend time

You can pretty well take a guess at what movie I will be talking about, and yes, you would be correct; it is “The Breakfast Club.”

As much I don’t like to admit it, the past week was the first time that I ever saw “The Breakfast Club,” so now all those quotes and music montages copied from this movie finally make sense to me. With all that aside, I see the appeal that this movie has had on generations, with good reason. When looking into the past, I think that each new generation of teenagers try to tell themselves things have changed and high school is much different than it used to be. I don’t know if this is out of comfort of our egos or the fact we don’t want to be like our parents at that age. Regardless, the truth is high school pretty much hasn’t changed in the past 26 years. We can try and argue otherwise, but deep down, we all learn to accept it.

One thing that seems to baffle me all this time, though, is the fact that people are so ignorant to this concept. One of my favorite subjects in school is History because I love the fact that in society we are so dumb to not learn from our past. History does repeat itself, and yet people don’t care. Instead of messing the same things up over and over again, why don’t we just learn not to do the same thing our ancestors did. This idea is nothing new, but I think it’s said so many times that it just falls on deaf ears.

The same concept can be applied to high school. We all say things will be different when we’re in high school, then we all just shrug away when we find that it’s harder to reach than we thought, when actually it’s not hard at all. We’re just filled with this concept of modern day high school clichés; we get caught up in what those entail and live these four years in whatever place we are in, regardless if we like it. A lot can still be learned today from “The Breakfast Club.” If we really want to change what modern society looks at as the “norm,” then we should go out and try, regardless of what that is, and it might just bury high school cliches once and for all.