CNN takes a stand against modern day slavery

The new series, Freedom Project, has been a breath of fresh air for those who follow sex trafficking, including myself. CNN is finally reporting a series of stories solely focused on the rapidly growing crime of human trafficking.

This particular news group is taking a stand for the rights of the victims of human trafficking. They are the resource that people can now consistently rely on for news on this crime. CNN has chosen to devote their time and resources to help end modern day slavery.

They are boldly using their airwaves to start educating others around the globe about what is going on.

Here are the facts.

The news team has banded together with other human trafficking activists to tell the story of the survivors. They partner with activists to raise awareness. They will no longer allow this problem to come up once in a blue moon on news stations, but more frequently. CNN’s news cast is called The Freedom Project. It is dedicated to exposing their viewers to what really goes on with human trafficking. They show us the harsh realities that we have ignorantly ignored for so long.

It is incredibly inspiring to have a news station that has great credibility to be taking this crime so seriously. The news team has the opportunity to cover the multiple angles of this crime. There have been recent videos of an interview with a brothel owner in India, an activist who continues to fight, and post actual footage of the victims.

This is a tremendous opportunity for the stories of the many victims currently in captivity to be heard by the general public. It is truly something when a well known news station chooses to expand and report on modern day slavery. This team has chosen to commit to revealing all of these dirty little secrets that many Americans refuse to acknowledge. CNN is taking a stand to expose the lies of many pimps and brothel owners and show all of the unjust activity happening behind doors. It is now our job as citizens to take it all in. Listen to the many stories these victims have and choose to act in whatever way we feel necessary.