New friends create new feelings

This last week has been a bout of depression for me. My school work is piling up, and it’s really stressful. Everyone keeps making a big deal about End of Course Exams, and I have an AP test coming up in the next couple of weeks, on top of the homework and studying I’m falling behind on. It’s like no matter what I do just can’t catch up and keep up.

With all of these tests coming up, maintaining my already practically nonexistent social life is crazy. Instead of going out with friends, I’m confined to texting and a few comments here and there on Facebook between homework assignments and problems. I’m learning that while people can be a huge distraction, they can also make doing your homework and studying so much easier. I would definitely suggest carrying on a casual conversation with friends while you’re working if you won’t get too caught up in the conversation because then homework doesn’t get done and in the end trying to find a way to make homework go by easier just became a way to procrastinate it entirely.

Speaking of maintaining my nonexistent social life, I’ve made a new friend that I’ve been talking to constantly. His name’s Danny and I met him through an old friend of mine. For some reason, we just clicked. We tell each other everything but we’ve only known each other for a week. It made the depression I mentioned earlier just fall apart. He’s so cool to talk to and we have a lot of musical interests in common that we talk about half of the time. It’s weird for me to trust him so much already but I kind of like knowing we can trust each other and be open with each other. Since we started out open and trusting, it’s just coming naturally so why stop if it feels like such a good thing?

I think Danny and I could really become closer than I am with a lot of my friends, very quickly. He’s really nice and we never seem to run out of things to talk about. Maybe this is the beginning of a new crush, rather than a new friendship. I wonder how he feels about me, though, now that I think about that. But it’s too early to say anything for sure, so I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens. I can’t wait to find out.