Bad movies that are good

If you have been reading my blog this past semester you know already that I hate cheap, thoughtless sequels. I can’t stand the bad movies that Hollywood chucks out every year in general, so my next statement might create a big question mark for you… I can’t wait for “Fast Five” this Friday! Now that that’s out of my system, I’ll tell you why.

The Fast and Furious franchise has had its problems that are known to pretty much anybody who has seen at least one of the movies, but I do give credit to the people who work on these films and do a really good job creating a great summer entertainment.

Truthfully, the series should have died after “2Fast2Furious”. Yet, “Tokyo Drift”, the third movie in the series, breathed new life back in to the franchise. Director Justin Lin had a vision of what the series should be and decided to take it to new heights. Ever since, the threequel has been at the helm of the series ever since.

Now don’t get me wrong: anybody who goes into see these films for reasons other than to see cool car chases and terrible acting seriously needs a lobotomy. These films aren’t Oscar material and that’s what makes them great. They know their place and have fun with that every time. Settleing some guys quarrel with the local street racer who has ties to the mafia is to race one final race on a mountain is an insanely stupid idea alone. So to all those out there who have guilty pleasure movies: keep on enjoying them.