T-mills: your favorite

When you look at me, you can easily assume that I’m not exactly the type of girl to go around blasting rap music all day and night. And this conclusion would be correct in most cases. However, I do have the occasional exception. Case and point; T-mills.

T-mills is not the average rapper. First of all, the beats that accompany his rapping have a big, techno feel to them. The songs are not trying to be hardcore. They’re just catchy, and fun, and something you could easily dance to if you throw an impromptu dance party. So, that’s a big plus. Another thing that separates T-mills from other artists is his image. When I think of how the average rapper looks I immediately picture a black man in saggy pants with a pair of fre$h kicks on his feet and a gold chain around his neck. I understand that is stereotyping, but whatever. Sue me. That’s what I imagine. But anyway, T-mills is just a white guy with huge gauges and a tattoo covered body. He has his own style and isn’t afraid of expressing it.

The final thing that makes me adore T-mills so much is the lyrics. They’re hilarious. Now, they’re a more off color type of humor, so if that isn’t your thing then you probably won’t be a fan. But, T-mills never ceases to crack me up. And I’m said this a million times, but I’ll say it one more time; I love good lyrics.

So, next time instead of playing some Eminem or Snoop Doggy Dog, pick up the T-mills. You really won’t regret it. Each song is clever, each song is catchy, and each song is original. What more could you ask for?