Project Daughter brings healing

International Crisis Aid is partnering with a church in the St. Louis area and will be opening a house called Project Daughter. This house will be specifically for victims of sex trafficking. All of these victims will receive the necessities for survival and counseling.

It is a great relief to know that victims in the St. Louis area will now have an organization specifically designed for them. They will be able to receive the love and care they need and will also be able to heal together as a community with other victims who have experienced this same trauma. There is a great peace that comes when someone has been through the same trauma as another. It is a great force that bonds these people. Together they can rely on each other to understand what pain they are going through during the healing process.

Project Daughter has chosen to love the unlovable, all those girls on the street who every one refuses to see – the ones who are known as sluts, whores, or drug addicts. Healing is coming to St. Louis.

So if healing is coming, what does that mean for us? Do we just sit around and let these people do their job? We let someone else take care of it because they are the professionals here and we are simply not needed. With every non-profit there is always a great need, whether that be money or giving your time. When healing comes to one person it spreads quickly. Joy comes! We see love in action and lives are changed.

So will we allow this organization to only heal victims or to truly heal this city?