It is all over

Sitting in our room or out with friends. It did not matter where we were but our phones sooner or later were blown up with updates about Osama bin Laden. Most had the feeling of excitement. The adrenaline pumping through our blood. He was dead and United States finally had justice for one of the most horrific tragedies of our lifetime: 9/11.

“Justice is served,” I do not think you have to wonder who said that. Obama does have a very good point with that statement. Yet, I hear people disagreeing and telling us Osama was still a man just like us and no one should die in the way he did. In a way, I see where they are coming from but that is like saying Hitler was a nice guy. I try and keep my absolute opinion out of things but I am very involved with the military and a strong supporter of the armed forces. Osama brutally killed millions of our innocent men and women. He planned all of these tragic attacks and who knows how many other attacks were planned.

It’s true that some citizens are taking his death to an extreme and immature level. Most are saying vulgar things about what they would do on his grave. Come on, be the bigger person. We got justice. Praise that we got justice for the loved ones we have lost. Celebrate that no more lives have to be taken or no one must live in fear. As a country, let’s stand strong and be thankful for the troops that put their lives on the line to give us justice.