Wi-Fi to be installed across district

The Board of Education has approved a plan to improve the Internet throughout the district by replacing all existing wireless points and by expanding the network within. In a vote that took place at the Board of Education meeting on April 21, the board voted unanimously to approve the Wi-Fi plan.

According to official Board of Education documents, the cost will be about $500,000. The cost is broken down by $355,562.80 for the routers and five years of service from Dell, plus $139,491 for the cables that are necessary to set up the new network. The district will be increasing the number of access points from 152 to 640.

The new network will be set up over the 2011 summer. The network will be split into two separate networks, with one for guests access. This means students will be able to use Internet-capable devices on the network. However, the filter to prevent students from accessing certain sites will still be in place over the network.