Rest in peace 3-D

This week, I wanted to tackle the subject of 3-Dimensional movies because if you’re like me, then you’ve probably been wondering if spending an extra five bucks is worth it. The truth is no: it’s pointless to go see films in 3-D unless they are actually made with 3-D technology.

We can all thank James Cameron for creating this next generation of technology, but Hollywood has taken a very cool concept and just made it a cash cow for 2-Dimensional movies by adding glasses taped on to the back of a regular movie price.

Looking back in history, the resurgence of 3-D was bound to come. Though this time it actually looked promising. Back in the 70’s we had films like “Jaws 3-D,” with the dumb blue and red glasses, and they were a huge hit back then. Yet, like all fads, it eventually died out. Technology has come a long way since then though. The only problem is no one seems what to do with it.

Most movies are still made in 2-D, then in post production (where film makers add in all the special effects) they send the movie through a conversion process to make it 3-D. This process is an unpredictable hit or miss. I have only seen two 3-D movies ever and they were both a waste of money. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see “Avatar” in 3-D, but if I did maybe I might be able to see where this can take us in film making. Either way, for now spend the extra dollars to see films in IMAX, not 3-D.