Students react to Osama bin Laden’s death

In light of the recent news on Osama bin Laden, students and teachers around school have been expressing their thoughts on the matter.

“It was about time they got him. It’s beyond me how one person can evade the United States for 10 years, but we sent a message that we will find you, and we will get you,” said senior Kyle Byrd.

“I’m glad he’s dead, but I’m not going to celebrate his death,” said senior Max Mulhollad.

“I was relieved. I had a lot of satisfaction with our military,” said senior Micheal Neal.

“I really didn’t care. I thought that it was good; though, I kinda forgot about him,” said senior Damon Stark.

“For a second or two I questioned whether it was true or not. I was waiting until the president said something about it, but I still want to see a picture,” said senior Michael Arnold.

“When it first leaked, before Obama confirmed it, I was a little disbelieving,” said sophomore John Bunch. “I thought it may have been too good to be true. When Obama finally announced it I was pretty happy. I thought, finally, the man who killed so many people, the man we’ve been searching for since 9/11, and the man who caused this whole war is dead.”

“I assumed it had been an air raid on a mountain hiding place, and that it was an accident. I would have never thought it was a full scale covert mission,” said senior David Lanza.

“What is this going to solve?” said senior Jamie Downey.

“It was completely shocking. I didn’t even know what to think when I heard it on the radio. I then streamed the president’s speech to my phone and listened with a lot of anticipation. It was definitely reassuring, but also mixed with confusion: where to go from here?” said senior Sue Redican.