I’m going to be the sickest kid, forever

Sometimes I just need to full on rock out to something in order to blow off steam. Whenever I get frustrated or overwhelmed with school, friends, or family I immediately reach for music to help me clear my mind. One band I reach for time and time again is Forever the Sickest Kids.

Forever the Sickest Kids does not play the type of music you might originally think of just based on the name. They’re upbeat and poppy as opposed to dark and brutal, which seems to be a surprise to those ignorant of their music. However, unlike a lot of more upbeat bands, Forever the Sickest Kid isn’t just fluff. Their music still has meaning and their lyrics still tell a story, such as their song “What do you want from me?” which basically tells you to be yourself despite what other people think. I enjoy positive messages such as that because I feel like a lot of music these days only talks about partying- not that there is anything wrong with that type of music, but they don’t exactly set a good example.

Now, I have to tell you all straight up, I don’t enjoy all of Forever the Sickest Kid’s more recent music. I’m a sucker for their older songs such as “Hey Brittney” and “She’s a Lady” but am not as excited about some newer releases. I don’t know if I’m simply biased or if they’re newer music just isn’t as good. I mean, I like some of their newer stuff, but not all of it. Then again, that is to be expected with any band. So, I don’t know. Maybe I’m overreacting. Don’t let me sway your opinion.

Long story short, listen to Forever the Sickest Kids. They’re really talented and I’m not just saying that. I promise.