A father of flesh

To most people, Minh lived a pretty normal life. She resided in California and was a straight “A” student. She was the true essence of an over achiever who graduated at the top of her class. However, Minh possessed a rather hefty dark secret. She was a victim of prostitution. Each night she was commanded to go to work at a brothel and bring home the bacon. This may seem like a pretty generic story of a victim of sex trafficking, but Minh’s story has not fully been told.

Her pimp was her father.

Minh was forced to give him almost all of the profit made by her double life as a “prostitute” and was continually raped her father. Minh continued to be abused by her father until she finally broke free by going off to college.

One can only wonder what would lead a man whose role is meant to be a protector and provider to continually sell his daughter to random strangers. Not only was her father guilty of selling his daughter, Minh was pimped out by her mother as well. These so called parents wanted the American dream and chose to force their daughter to obtain it for them.

It is so infuriating to hear parents neglecting to provide for their child. How can they strategically manipulate any human being to do this, let alone their own flesh and blood?

The answer here is how each person is perceived in the parents’ eyes. People are no longer perceived as fellow human beings, but mere commodities-a simple product that can be reused by anyone over and over again.

Are we really going to allow this type of evil happen in America? Let me remind you this girl was not an immigrant from a third world country, but an average kid who went to school like every one else in California.

Open your eyes. It is happening and pimps are no longer some random stranger. They can easily be someone who is supposed to be trusted and relied on.