I’ve got a secret, secret thing to tell you

I’m one of those people who knows what I like when it comes to music; I don’t waste my time listening to trivial drool if I don’t enjoy it. So, when I do discover something I like, be it an artist or a song, I listen to it a lot. And by a lot, I mean over and over again until I know the entire song by heart.

This exact thing happened to me this weekend. I was riding around in my friend’s car when she popped in an old C.D. she made in middle school. Most of it was only average in my book, an array of songs that I used to enjoy but had since left my memory. However, the C.D. also contained a song by an artist who I had never heard of. An artist who goes by the name Secret Secret Dino Club.

Now, I was as skeptical as you when my friend told me the name. Secret Secret Dino Club? What are we, in sixth grade? But, name aside, I listened to the song. It was a song called “Spin Me All Around.” And I have to tell you, the song is adorable.

“Spin Me All Around” is a duet, and it is one of the cutest songs that I have heard in a good while. Within it, the boy singer talks about how he loves the girl “with all his bones” and how he “sold his Lambo to buy her buy her ring.” Now, maybe that sounds a little ridiculous or cheesy when typed out if you haven’t heard the actual musical accompaniment, but those lyrics go with the music perfectly. The entire song just has a good mood sort of feel to it, which I love.

So, put aside your skepticism implanted into your brain due to a corny name, and listen to “Spin Me All Around.” You won’t regret it.