125 days of summer

I wanted the final weeks of this blog to be a culmination of sorts of all the past things I’ve written about. So, if you’ve been reading this, then the title shows my appreciation for “(500) days of summer,” (I added up all the days starting when “Fast Five” came out till the end of August).

With summer finally upon us it’s time my new job’s paycheck to be put to good use. Movies like “Fast Five” and “Thor” kicked off the season with awesome opening weekends and will still continue to rake in money for the next couple of weeks, but I wouldn’t sell yourself short there movie fans. There’s still a lot to come. Below will be a list for the final releases of May and my thoughts about how they will turn out.

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”- This one is up in the air for me, the story looks interesting using elements from the book “On Stranger Tides” by Tim Powers to rinse the bad taste of “At World’s End” out of our mouths. I believe that with the new director Rob Marshall giving a go at the franchise audiences might look forward to more adventures with Captain Jack (without Keira Knightly or Orlando Bloom, which I think is all for the better) along with zombies. Be sure to look for it in theaters on May 20.

“The Hangover Part 2”- When the first one hit theaters it became a sleeper hit that rose to be one of the best comedies in recent years. Hopefully, director Todd Phillips learned his mistake from “Due Date”, in which he tried to make the movie like the already popular “The Hangover”. I’m hoping that this time he’ll have something new and fresh while incorporating everything that worked in the first movie. The Wolfpack is back May 26!!!

Check back for more movies next week.