An ending year brings about realizations

So I guess Danny and I are settling right now. We still, or I still, acknowledge the feelings we have but we really haven’t talked at all for about five days now. I’ve gotten seven words out of him in five days, all in one message. But, as one of my other friends pointed out, at least he replied. That made all the difference. He makes me so happy, I just wish he wasn’t so busy all of a sudden. He got invited to try out for a band, so he’s been practicing non-stop since then. I’m so excited for him. I’m sure he’ll do great.

I realized this morning that finals start next week. That was a lovely realization, both seriously and sarcastically. It was seriously lovely because I feel so done with school and knowing that final reviews are coming up is like a weight off my shoulders. But it also made me realize I’m pretty far behind with no time to catch up now. I guess I’ll just have to play it by year and study hard for the end of the year. I’m counting down the days until summer and I can’t wait.

Then upon reflecting my school year, as I realized it’s ending, I also realized how my group of friends has shifted. I’ve made new friends, gotten in touch with old ones and lost touch with the ones I was close to last year. Some friends have remained constant throughout the year and some I fear I will lose next year as the months progress because I will not see them in my classes. Either way, I’m happy with many of the new friends I’ve made and the old ones I have gotten back. Hopefully, this summer I can work towards getting back some of the friendships I lost through the year.