Ignorance leads to victims galore

Victims of sex trafficking are here.

It can not be more plain than that. As Americans, we are continually overlooking our victims and refusing to believe that, just like every other country, we have victims here as well. We need to stop the ignorance and realize our victims are in dire need of our help: now more than ever. People are so willing to help other less fortunate third-world countries who have these same type of victims, but when America, “the great nation under God”, is accused of having victims it is thought of as blaspheme. No, not us. We are the perfect nation who has always been willing to lend a neighborly hand to all the other screwed up third-world countries. Stop with feelings of condescension. Victims are in our backyard and we are looking out to help neighbors in the front.

A common myth of victims in the United States is that the majority of them are illegal immigrants from third-world countries. While there are a lot of foreign victims here, the majority of the girls forced into prostitution were born here. They are the neglected runaways on the street that everyone overlooks. The FBI has called this social injustice an epidemic. An epidemic that infects all -not just those less fortunate than us.

To help victims here we first need to accept and believe the fact that America is not this perfect Christian nation that so many people believe it to be. We have many overwhelming dirty-little-secrets that we can either continue to sweep under the rug for the next generation or we can stop claiming ignorance and get educated about this crime.

So, wake up. The American dream has shattered and we have the ability to pull together and assist these victims. Ignoring the problem will only increase the crime and continue to approve of the crime while saying “I could care less” to the victims. Show you care and take action!