Change comes with a small butterfly

Yale Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity has recently received five years suspension due to an inappropriate pledge activity. What would cause this highly esteemed college to deal so severely with their students? It was a chant sang through out the campus by their new pledges. This chant involved highly offensive phrases that blatantly disrespected the female students at Yale.

For some this may be rather astounding, but considering the impartial feelings toward the abused, I am nothing but surprised with this outcome. These mere boys were only doing what they thought was a funny joke. Most likely they never saw the hurt that was in the eyes of the any victim of sexual abuse. Society begins to lax and say, “It’s all good. This is no problem for men to do. That person just had it coming.”

Like victims of sexual abuse, sex trafficking victims face many of the same judgements. They are labeled as the prostitute who chose to live this way and some may go as far to say they are helping these girls pay for their living by being of their customers.

With all of this said, I ask to stop with the crap. Look and understand that all these arguments are ignorant attempts to justify ones immoral actions. Not only are these immoral, but they are manipulative and abusive. They are not okay no matter what the circumstances. Nothing you can say will justify this.

Let’s stop the ignorance.

Take one minute to look into the eyes of the victims. Take time to attempt to comprehend some of the pain they are going through. With education comes change and with change comes a movement—a movement that requires moral standards.

Imagine a butterfly flapping its wings in a Colombian rain forest. The wind slowly carries it, gaining more power. Faster and faster, it gains speed until finally it arrives in Florida as a hurricane. No longer a small waft of wind but rather a large force to be dealt with; it is with this thought that the butterfly effect was born.

This belief alone can change the world. One person takes actions and chooses to make some type of impact. This small impact resonates and hangs in the air over the few impacted by this one person. Slowly however others begin to act. Inspired by one selfless action they begin to push the movement along until finally a city will know of this movement. As it gains speed and power people are being touched in some way all from that one small action. It is with this thought that we can create a dent in the sex trafficking industry.

Together we are strong.

Simply showing one act of love to these victims can express hope in such a marvelous way. We have the opportunity to make an impact with our great education and immense resources it is completely possible. Unfortunately these victims do not always have this same luxury, but with a little bit of work it may just be possible to provide some life worth living for them. This great cycle of abuse could slowly be defeated one person at a time. We don’t have to go off doing anything really complicated and extravagant but the simple things can break through the calloused hearts and chip away at the vicious cycle of abuse.

We can do this. It only takes one person.