Mistakes bring resolutions

With this blog I wanted to share my love for movies with you readers, but a lot of what came from my writing were feelings I’ve had towards the world and Hollywood itself. There were some low points, I admit. If you read my post about movie scores then you might have been able to tell that I was reaching for some new ideas. Regardless of those times, some of my favorite posts were the romantic movies post and my first post comparing both versions of “True Grit.”

So what does that intro have to do with this summer movie season? Well, like me, movie producers and creators try to make up for some of the mistakes they made with a look back into their own histories. This brings me to the month of June, with the release of “X-men: First Class.” This release brought back original director/producer Bryan Singer, who picked up where he left off with “X2.” Although he is in the producer’s chair this time, his heavy involvement and collaboration with director Matthew Vaughn will hopefully take the bad taste of “X3” out of audiences’ mouths. The story sounds promising and the new cast has that fresh feel of reboots/prequels, so definitely be on the look out for this movie on June 3.

“First Class” isn’t the only superhero film in June though. DC is moving their movie franchises along with the release of “Green Lantern” with Ryan Reynolds on June 17. DC, like Marvel, is trying to correct its direction of superhero releases by making movie properties that are not well known to mainstream audiences.

Finally, J.J. Abram’s new film “Super 8” is a dedication of sorts to Steven Spielberg’s films of the 70s and 80s. This will be released on June 10. Abrams is always interested of pushing the bar of modern day film making in contrast to other directors in Hollywood these days.I hope that this summer you will enjoy movies with your friends and families and remember to take heart with your life and always see the bright side of things. Check back next week for my look at what’s to come in the month of July.