School administration starts year smoothly

With the school year just getting started, Prinicipal Dr. Sonny Arnel and staff are focusing on a smooth transition from the summer break to the new school year. They want to make the school inviting for the new and returning students. Also, Dr. Arnel wants to fix the problems that come along with the new school year, like with the new lunch schedule.

“We want to make school inviting for students to come to,” Dr. Arnel said. “We are doing out best to fix the problems as they occur. I have added tables [in the lunch room] and we are watching to see how students adjust.”

Within the first few weeks of school, the administration is looking at what worked this year and what did not, so they can come up with new ideas for next year, according to Dr. Arnel. Also, they are working with the staff to help with teacher support in the early goings of the new school year.