Fay earns chance at teacher of year

After working in education for 10 years and teaching at Francis Howell Central for four, English teacher Ms. Laurie Fay was nominated for the Peabody Energy Leaders Educator of the Year award. Not only would she get a $5,000 grant if she wins, but she would also get the recognition of being the Educator of the Year. Regardless of what is at stake, Fay is relatively modest about the competition.

“I don’t know that I deserve [the award] more than anyone else,” Ms. Fay said. “Every dedicated teacher should be recognized for what they do daily in the classroom.”

Fay did not get this far on her own. After being nominated, she received a $1,000 grant which she spent on her National Board certification. From there, she was placed in an anonymous pool where she was chosen based on her answers to questions about her teaching and philosophy as a teacher. The winner will be chosen on Aug. 30 based on three different criteria, one of which is Facebook voting. The other two qualifications are unknown to the nominees.

“I think I’m qualified because I further my education to enhance my student’s education,” Ms. Fay said.

Not only does Ms. Fay take her teaching to the next level by taking optional steps to better her student’s education, but she also takes it a step further in making teaching more than a job.

“[Teaching] isn’t just a job from 7a.m. to 2:30p.m. It’s a lifestyle,” Ms. Fay said. “When it all boils down, the success of my students often outweighs my social life and my family life. This is my life; this is my calling.”