One step closer

It is hard knowing that my dad only gets to come home every other weekend because the Army transferred him to Fort Knox, Kent., also known as the state with the gold. He never says how hard it is to leave his family to go live by himself in a very small area, but then again, he has been moving to various places here and there for 31 years. I see how he reacts to it and I wonder if that’s how it will be for me if I get a civilian job in the Army as a photographer.

A civilian job in the Army may not seem like too much. All it means is that you are not in the army, but you are just working for them and you still get some of the same deals. Being in the Army scares me, so this is perfect. I can be in the Army without actually being in the Army.

Since I am wanting to be a photographer, the class that I am looking for is not in Missouri because it does not provide a class for Army photography. I am not really sure where it is because my dad just brought this up on a whim and did not know every detail. I think it will be nice to get out of the little old town I have been in nearly my whole life and venture out somewhere new. As a photographer in the Army, though, I will still get to travel over seas and be with the troops. I am actually very excited. Traveling with photography is the one thing that I have wanted to do since I first got into photography. I think it will be a very good opportunity for me.