The varsity cheerleaders face challenges

The varsity cheerleaders kicked off the season with their first performance during the school’s first home game on Friday, Aug. 26. The first performance went on as originally planned minus a few errors which took away from the cheerleader’s routine.

“We couldn’t perform our pregame routine fully because the music wasn’t working,” senior Alyssa Fuqua said. “We then moved the performance to third quarter, but because of the limited time, we only got to perform half of it.”

Aside from the technical difficulties, the cheerleaders were also frustrated because of the new law, under MSHAA, that requires the use of mats while stunting or tumbling. Despite the chaos the girls and senior Timothy Ryan endured, the performance was still something they felt good about.

“I was proud of our performance despite the few struggles we faced, especially because we were able to learn the routine in two practices,” Fuqua said. “We make a good team.”