Senior mentor program has over forty students

This year’s senior mentoring program has over fourty seniors and juniors helping out the guided study halls and success classes. Although students do get credit for being a senior mentor, becoming one is not as easy as just writing down what classes they want to take each year. There is a process students have to go through to join the mentoring program.

Becoming a mentor is much like applying for a job. To be in the program students have to apply, and if they meet the expectations required for the program, they get interviewed. After the process of becoming a mentor is completed, about four or five mentors are assigned to a class. Once in the program, the mentors not only help the under class men transition from middle to high school , but the mentors also help the teachers in any way possible.

“The feedback I hear about the mentors is always good, “ said Mrs. Linda Johnson. “Peer to peer relationships create a more comfortable learning environment. Sometimes it’s better to have an older peer that already knows the information help the under class-men to understand what they’re studying. It creates a good relationship between the peers making them more comfortable.”

Even the senior mentors themselves love working with the students and teachers.

“I love being a senior mentor; working with the students is a lot of fun!” said senior Nikki Palowski.

If anyone is interested in becoming a senior mentor this year, they should contact Mrs. Johnson in guidance.