State of Comatose

I have had this particular song stuck in my head for awhile now. It is kind of an odd genre, with a unique sound to it, but I enjoy it. The band’s name is Ayreon. This song is called “Comatose,” which is off of their seventh album, 01011001, that came out in 2008. The female singer says that there is no need to feel anything, whereas the male singer, noted inside of the parenthesis, wants to be released from his comatose state (hence the name of the song) for the return of feelings and emotion.


No need to feel desire

(but I need you with me)

No need to feel so small

(but I need to feel secure)

No need to feel the fire

(but I need to feel free)

No need to feel at all

(but I need to know for sure)


One of the main reasons I actually picked this song was because, like I said, it was stuck in my head. But really, it can be easily related to high school.

The two singers in this song can be attached to the life of almost any two people in a relationship, broken up, or wanting to be together. One of the participants will be constantly telling the other that there is “no need” to have these feelings when there won’t be anything to come from it. However, their partner will be constantly mourning and needing for them to come into their arms for the comfort that they had been craving.