Administration excited for new changes

With the first few weeks of school over, with little to no bumps or bruises, the school administration is looking forward to things that are happening with in the athletic department.

The administration is excited for the GAC football classic that is happening down town in the Edward Jones Dome where the football team will be playing Holt on Saturday. Also Head Coach Todd Berck has written an alma mater that the football team will sing after every win at home. An alma mater is a song that is an anthem of a school, in this case it is going to be the anthem of the football team. Dr. Sonny Arnel hopes the students along with the band will learn and be able to sing along with them.

“We are all excited for the game down at the dome on Sept. 10,” said Assistant Principal Marty Davis. “Also the new alma mater song the Coach Berck wrote himself.”

Other news that is going on at school is the new Facebook policy. With the new policies concerning the Facebook law the whole situation is up in the air at the moment, the new policy under review and the school district is following a policy that they have set out. The policy is hurting all of the teachers and students who use Facebook to help with school and class work according to Dr. Arnel.

“Every thing is in limbo,” said Mrs. Davis. “We expect our staff to use a professional level when using things like Facebook.”