The final countdown

Many people have strong feelings towards finals, and as the first semester came to a close, those feelings were at an all time high. Some students have voiced their opinion on the tests.

Jared Hanisch (senior)

 Q: How has your process of finals changed over the years?

 A: It’s gotten worse ya know? It’s gotten worse. I guess I study a little bit more, but not really.

 Q: Have finals helped you to achieve anything?

 A: They’ve helped me to achieve putting bubbles down on a piece of paper.

 Q: What are you most excited for about finals?

 A: Actually bubbling in every answer. I get a little adrenaline rush every time I bubble in an answer and most of the time I am in tears by the end of most of my finals because I know after every bubble I am getting closer to the end of the test. It just gets me so hyped to sit down in a room for an hour and a half bubbling in one hundred bubbles. Over the course of the years that I’ve been in school, bubbling in thousands and thousands of bubbles, there hasn’t been a bad time. It’s my adrenaline, it’s pumping. It just gets me pumped. That’s how it goes.


Sophia Couteranis (freshman)

 Q: Did you procrastinate a lot?

 A:  I tried to study every night that I could. I wouldn’t say I procrastinated, but there are a lot of things I’d rather do.


Sarah Kabacinski (senior)

 Q: What has your experience with finals been like?

 A: Finals make going to the dentist seem like a fun thing to do. The only good thing is knowing you have no homework.


Danielle Robbins (senior)

 Q: How have your preparations for finals changed over the years?

A: I just sit at home and cry about finals coming up until they’re here and then I think of ways to bribe teachers into giving me better grades.