Senior class elects officers in a tight race

For the past two weeks, ten candidates reached out to their fellow classmates, the senior class. Whether this meant hanging up posters around school, running their campaign through Facebook or talking to someone one-on-one, these students were all focused on one goal: representing the senior class by running for office.

“I think posters this year were awesome. We had people giving out candy, and even making t-shirts,” Mrs. Jennifer Denny, senior class sponsor, said. “Just looking through the votes, I could tell that it was going to be a very close race.”

After a close call, the elected senior officers turned out to be Nicholle Turano as president, Calli Fletcher as vice-president, Cody Seckfort as treasurer, Isaac Nelson as secretary and Lauren Eckman as historian.

“I wanted to run because I love my class in general and I love this school,” Turano said. “One of my big ideas is to throw a new 2012 New Years dance. I think bringing a lot of the clubs and organizations together to help the community or maybe even Joplin is a good idea. I’m all about giving back.”