Cool breeze finish

Winter Classic wraps regular season up in positive fashion as Spartans crush Oakville 7-1.


Leading up to the Shaw Park Winter Classic, the Spartan hockey varsity boys were standing at 14 wins and only 5 losses for the season. Which came as a surprise to the team, according to assistant captain Shane Quinn.

“The standings for the team this year [were] a lot higher than we expected,” Quinn said. Quinn had also predicted that the Spartans would finish the classic in sixth, seventh or eighth place.

Quinn’s prediction was spot-on as the Spartans finished the regular season with a 15-6 standing by beating Oakville 7-1 in the Winter Classic, placing seventh in the cup.

“One or two games we shouldn’t have lost, but it’s good having success again in our hockey program,” Quinn said.

Of course with every season that ends in more success than the past season, there is at least one person who asks what made this one more successful. Team Captain Andy Moats believes that  the team was less cliquey, which helped everyone like each other.

Moats believes the program grows stronger and becomes a more tight-knit unit with each year, which is one thing that helped that Spartans this season. Along with Moats and Quinn, forward Kyle Gismegian has noticed the change in the team.

“Bonding activities helped. We went through dry land training, which were hell, but a great thing to endure as a team,” Gismegian said. “It showed us that as a team we can accomplish anything we need to do. That we all have weaknesses and strengths.”

Now that the regular season is over, the playoffs are in effect. Playoffs have the same amount of practices and preparation, but they are more intense according to Moats.

“Practices [are] more controlled. Everyone [has] to be there so no one gets behind on new things,” Quinn said. “It’s…a big factor against [the] better teams.”

Quinn stated that the next goal for the team is to make it out of their round robin bracket, which consists of three games played against three different teams. After that, the team will set another goal. However, on a more individual note, Moats has a personal goal to play every game as his last.

“Justin Allen told us after last year’s last game to enjoy [the high school time], it goes by fast. Playing each game as if it’s my last is sort of how I perceived his message,” Moats said.

With the feeling of accomplishment from the Winter Classic, the varsity Spartan men hope to continue their success as the playoffs advance.