Spirit week etched in stone

The Student Council has announced the spirit days for this year’s Homecoming week. Monday, Sept. 26 is Pajama Day, Tuesday will be GQ Day, followed by Wacky Wednesday, Decade Day on Thursday, and finally Blue and Silver Day to end the week.

While Wacky Wednesday, GQ, and Blue and Silver Day are typically scheduled for Spirit Week, StuCo had a difficult time deciding what other days to add to this year’s schedule. According to junior Anna Killpack, StuCo went through a lengthy brainstorming process. Some of the ideas were shot down by Principal Sonny Arnel, though.

“We originally wanted to do a day where the freshmen dressed like babies and the seniors dressed as senior citizens,” Killpack said. “Principal Arnel felt it was inappropriate.”

This year’s spirit week still offers lots of laughs and fun with the likes of Wacky Wednesday and Decade Day, and Killpack hopes more students will participate.

“Not a whole lot of freshmen and sophomores participate in spirit days,” said Killpack. “Hopefully this year we see more of them participate.”