Fighting Freedom with Freedom

Some people really, truly are so irritating, cocky and arrogant that I wish I could just take every single word that they let fall from their mouths and shove it back in their throat. I’m no die – hard supporter of war, but I have an awful lot of respect for many people who just volunteer their lives for our freedom. People they don’t even know take their sacrifices for granted. The very humans they are fighting for probably would disgust the fighters if they ever met face to face. Most of America will be sitting in their comfy chairs while soldiers – real soldiers – are being shot at, terrified, praying, wondering how their families are doing miles upon miles away. And then one person comes along and abuses these rights he is given by the very people he is dissing. This arrogant fiend, “Soulja Boy,” stretches his freedom of speech to the breaking point.

His song, “Let’s Be Real,” won’t lay one sickening finger on his next album – which probably sucks anyway. He got so much crap for his offensive song that he is now trying to remove all traces of it. However, I came across a comment that really shows “Soulja” Boy how dumb his mistake really is: “You can try to remove all traces of the song if you want, but it’s pointless. This is the internet.”

I know there’s another side of this, and I do agree with the fact that this so – called “rapper” has the right to say what he wants. Although, I want this guy to understand that he has that freedom to speak because of those soldiers, so it isn’t exactly right for him to be offending them.

I’m not going to post the actual lyrics on this blog, due to the fact that they contain a lot of offensive language. All you really need to know is that the song basically says, “screw the soldiers, why do you fight? Be your own man, like me. I get a lot of tramps because I have tattoos on my hands.”