Cheerleaders bring Spartans to their feet

The varsity cheerleaders, according to senior Lisa Hurtt, brought spirit to the Edward Jone’s Dome on Saturday , Sept. 10 during their half time performance at the varsity football game. The team stood on the sidelines and cheered on the varsity football team as they fought against the Holt Indians.The cheerleaders also gave a performance at halftime which was something Hurtt felt positive about.

“We gave a good performance despite the fact that the pommer’s music got messed up, leaving them to cut into our time,” Hurtt said.

Aside from the time crunching of the performance, the cheerleaders also faced a small struggle due to the music echoing, making it difficult for the team to stay in sync.

“The echoing of the music made it hard for us to stay together,” Hurtt said. “But we hit all of our stunts, and in general, I just feel really good about [the performance].”