Pawlowski focuses on student relationships as a mentor

Senior mentoring is a very important job that requires setting a good example for the lowerclassmen, according to senior Nikki Pawlowski.

“I love being a mentor and helping the lowerclassmen” Pawlowski said.

The program has many different roles that upper classmen fill. A few subjects that the mentors help with include English 1 and 2, biology, algebra, geometry, physical science and study skills. The class that Pawlowski mentors this year during fourth hour with teacher Mrs. Brenda Ellison.

Pawlowski’s responsibilities consists of helping the lowerclassmen understand what they are doing, building a good student to student relationship and making the students feel comfortable.

“I like helping the lowerclassmen succeed and knowing that im apart of their success, I wish that I could have had a mentor when ever I was new to this school!” said Pawlowski.

The first thing Pawlowski does when the class starts is check the students homework from the night before. Next, she checks to see if the student has any missing assignments, and if they do, she helps them to complete it. Lastly, Pawlowski helps the lowerclassmen with their homework and helps them learn organizational skills.

“The kids like being helped,” Pawlowski said. “The only thing they don’t like is when I check their homework everyday and make sure all of their assignments are done and turned in.”

According to Pawlowski, mentoring does not just involve helping one student, It includes walking around the classroom (of only 10 kids), helping all of them equally.

“I would be very behind if i didn’t have help from Nikki, she helps to keep my grades up.” said freshmen Joel Niebur.

According to Pawlowski, being a senior mentor is not only fun, but it also creates good high school memories for both the lowerclassmen and the mentor.

“You really create a good relationship with the students, and it makes me personally feel good knowing that the students I’m mentoring look up to me and like having me help them” Pawlowski said.