Bring on the AP exams

AP exams on getting closer


Students and teachers have been preparing since the beginning of the school year for the advanced placement exams. There are plenty of students that are participating in the testing. Those who are know the amount of time and effort it takes to be in an AP class.

For senior Maddy Marks, taking AP courses has not really put a damper on her life outside of school. This has not been just her senior year, Marks has taken 11 out of the 14 AP classes that are available at the school. She has taken all the AP tests that go along with the classes, giving her enough college credit and scholarships.

“I feel like people expect me to say that I am super stressed out 24/7, but I have taken 11 out of the 14 AP courses that we offer, and I have two jobs and I have a life; it is not stressful at all,” Marks said.

Stress and AP exams are two things that normally go hand in hand. For Marks it is not that hard to balance all of the AP classes and exams. Another student who is not as worried about the testing is senior Sam Nardi, who is taking three AP courses this year. There is some stress to get a 4 or higher to gain college credit that both girls want, like most AP students. There is normally more stress when it comes to balancing multiple courses at one time, but once the testing is over so are the classes.

“I mean there is a lot of stress, but at the same time it is nice because once I’m done with the testing then my classes are basically over, and I am used to balancing several classes,” Nardi said.

Students are not the only ones that have to worry about being prepared for the AP exam, teachers have to make sure that their students are ready to go by test day. This may include extra study sessions after school or on a Saturday morning. For AP lang teacher Ms. Laurie Fay this also includes the practice AP tests that the teachers and students both have access to. They are both online and in AP books. Teachers will do whatever they can so that their students can succeed.

“My course is based off of the tests, we do passages and readings throughout the year to prepare for the test,” Fay said.

AP testing starts on Monday, May 4 and will continue through Friday, May 15. Each exam is $91 and it is not refundable and the registration deadline is Wednesday, March 4.