College bound

Students stay instate for college.


College is one of the things that is on a high school student’s mind starting day one. Most people have an idea of where they want to go the moment the start their senior year, others it may take a lot of decision making in order for them to figure out where they are going. The college they chose depends on the major that they are trying to get into.

For senior Devin Enochs, he isn’t going into college for the typical business degree. He will be attending Truman State University next year to start his journey into the military. He will start his basic training to prepare for his career before he starts his first semester at Truman.

“I will become an officer through their RTC program and it will help me get a federal job once I am out of the military,” Enochs said.

Another student who will be staying in state for college is Luta Young, who is going into the digital media production program at University of Central Missouri. UCM is one of the most common schools that students are going to, along with Mizzou and Missouri State. Her major was something that she has always had an interest for, since her family is in the film industry. Central Missouri offers a great program for her, and has a large focus in the media production program.

“I just could never see myself having a normal job, I shadowed people in the industry and it is something that I can see myself doing,” Young said.

Many students, such as senior Kyle Gismegian, will be taking on their major in business management. Gismegian will be moving on from high school to achieve this at Lindenwood University. He is one out of many students taking on the same major as their parents have. His father owns his own business and went to Lindenwood to pursue his major as well. Gismegian plans to follow in his dad’s foot steps and continue in business. With DECA under his belt, he is a step ahead.

“Honestly with having watched my dad and his business, it made me want to do the same one day and Lindenwood has a great business program,” Gismegian said.

Senior Jared Hanisch, who will be attending Missouri S&T in the fall, has known where he wanted to go since he started high school. For the last four years Hanisch has known that he has wanted to major in computer engineering. The field is becoming a demand considering all the technology that we have today. With the help of his dad, he was able to make up his mind on what he wanted to do before he even needed to.

“My dad was looking through the majors and he brought up computer engineering and through high school I took all of the engineering classes. Four years later I still want to do it,” Hanisch said.

There are plenty of colleges in the United States, but most people will be staying in state to take on their next four years of schooling. Many of these students will be some of our very own.