Spirit week kicks off with pajama day

The 2011-2012 Homecoming week consists of pajama day, GQ day, wacky Wednesday, decade day and blue and silver day. Today, students could be seen wearing footsie pajamas, slippers and blankets. The students that did dress up enjoyed wearing their pajamas to school.

“I love my school, and I think it’s fun that we actually get to wear pajamas to school,” senior Kayla Kammermeyer said. “I have school spirit; why not show it?”

“It’s a lot of fun, and there is no reason not to dress up,” junior James Pugh said.

“It’s my senior year,” senior Jessie Lemery said. “I want to have fun and go out with a bang.”

“The only reason I’m dressed [in pajamas] is because I was challenges; it’s really comfy though,” senior Brett Hill said.

“It’s Monday… I forgot to dress up,” senior Mikelle McClintock. “I think some of the people who didn’t dress up today will dress up later in the week.”

”I participate because I love getting into Homecoming week,” senior Jazmyn Burnitt-Erp said. “It’s the most fun week of the whole year. Plus it’s my senior year and I want to do all of them for the memories.”

“Spirit days are a great way to get pumped up and show your school spirit,” senior Danielle Grieve said. “It’d fun to show your crazy side on boring school days.”

“Spirit days get everyone excited for Homecoming,” senior Hanna Greco said. “They get everyone involved, and pajamas are just fun to participate in.”

“I usually participate in some of the spirit days to celebrate homecoming, but since it’s my senior year, I’m doing all of them for the fun and memories,” senior Josh Burns said.