Deadline for trip to Spain quickly approaches

For some, spring break means working, sleeping or spending time with friends, but for foreign language teachers Mrs. Katie Lozano and Dr. Jennifer Miller, it means traveling across the world to Spain.

An informational meeting was held on Wednesday, Sept. 9 in Mrs. Lozano’s room. At the meeting, parents were informed of all of the details of the trip. The trip includes round-trip flights, motor coach, seven nights in hotels, breakfast and dinner each day, a tour director, four sightseeing tours, two walking tours, the Seville Flamenco Evening, El Escorial, Morocco and more. The trip will last nine days, from March 15-23.

“We will be going to El Escorial, flamenco dancing, to Morocco and more. The trip is going to be awesome!” Mrs. Lozano said. “I am really looking forward to riding a camel. Who wouldn’t want to ride a camel?”

The trip will cost $2,576 per person. Any student who attended the Barcelona or Costa Rica trips will receive a discount of $100 on their trip. Students interested in the trip, but who have yet to sign up, should speak with Mrs. Lozano or Dr. Miller as soon as possible for more information. The last day to sign up is Friday, Sept. 30.