Party Central offers chance for prime parking spots

With it being their final year, seniors get to enjoy a few perks throughout the year up until graduation. The 2012 Parent Club has decided to offer another possible bonus by holding a raffle for all seniors who have signed up for Party Central. If their name is drawn, the winner will be able to park in one of the painted parking spots in the front of the lot. For this semester, it is past the deadline to be added to the raffle.

“We were looking for a way to get seniors excited about Party Central while being able to pay for it as soon as possible,” said Karen Baldwin, Co-President of the 2012 Parent Club.

With the costs of Party Central being only $100 per student, and the need to book giant inflatables, palm readers and a hypnotist puts pressure on the Parent Club to pay of the tens of thousands of dollars in expenses early, according to Baldwin.

However, Baldwin is worried the news did not reach enough people.

“I think it has brought some attention to Party Central, but we wanted to have more buzz about it, and I think we dropped the ball on it,” said Baldwin.

The names of the students have been chosen at random, and Assistant Principal Mr. Dave Stofer, will be contacting the winning students. Seniors who do not already have a parking pass will receive one for free, and those who have already purchased one will get a refund.

“There will also be a drawing for second semester when we get back from Christmas break,” said Baldwin.

This drawing will be open to anyone who registered this year and were not chosen for first semester.

The 2012 Parent Club hopes the future parent clubs will offer this same opportunity, and this will become an annual tradition.