Girl’s swim comes to an end

Girl’s swim has had a great season, but all good things come to an end.


Swim season has come to an end, but high hopes for next season live on. The season ended on a high note with the team finishing with an overall record of 12-2, which is the best our school has done in a while, according to sophomore swimmer Carli Buchanan. They also took third at GAC’s and only lost to Howell and FZW.

From the team, Buchanan was the only one who qualified state for her second year in the 100 fly. There were nerves, but more so for GAC’s than state.

“State is a lot for the experience and I knew I had done everything right to prepare, so at that point I was just trying to have fun, Buchanan said, “Lydia Koehler actually went with me. It was so awesome having her there to cheer me on and support me the whole time. Throughout the whole season she has really pushed me and when I made state she was right behind my lane screaming the whole time. So having her there to share the experience was incredible.”

Two school records were broken by Buchanan, Megan Smith, Sheridan Aleksick  and Koehler. The 200 medley relay with a time of 2:00:16 and the 400 free relay with a time of 4:01:03.

“Our team really couldn’t have done anything different. We pretty much reached our goals and it was so much fun watching the other girls do it,” Buchanan said.

Former swimmer and girls swim team manager Sydney Lechner said this was the best she’s seen out of the team in the three years she has been here.

“There was something different about this year and group of girls that just clicked. They worked harder than ever and it really showed,” Lechner said.

Koehler thinks the season went very well and has high hopes for next season.

“We did amazing this season and I couldn’t ask for better teammates. It’s going to be sad to see the seniors leave, but I can’t to see what next year has in store for us,” Koehler said.