Breaking away from stress

Let me begin this blog with a moment of silence in appreciation for the blessed fall break.

I really believe that if I hadn’t gotten that week and a half to decompress and get some perspective on my priorities I would be six feet under right now. And I’m not being dramatic, I’m dead serious.

Fall break was perhaps one of the most glorious moments of my existence – okay, that’s going a tad far. But, it really was just what the doctor ordered. Lucky for me, I not only got a break from school, but a break from work as well; I only worked eight hours over fall break. So, I finally got some desperately needed me time. And by me time, I mean that I got to sleep until two in the afternoon and stay in my pajamas all day. That’s the life.

I seriously think that before break I had just begun to crack under the pressures of school and work and college and theater and newspaper and I’m getting stressed just thinking about it all. But, now that I’ve finally gotten a chance to take a breath, I’m feeling ready to take on the world today.

I’m just in a plain ol’ good mood; something that seemed intangible just a week ago.

I’ve been laughing more, smiling more and just relaxing more.

I finally feel secure in the thought of me living through senior year because for a while there I was having serious doubts.

I’m kind of scared to get ahead of myself, but I’ll leave it with this. I’ll live to rant another day.