Toys for Tots takes the game

The football game that took place on Friday, Oct. 21, was benefiting more than just the school. Mr. Jeremy Rohrbach, the main organizer for the Toys for Tots drive at Central, along with several student volunteers, sold T-shirts during the week and at Friday’s game, as well as accepting donations in the place of a regularly priced ticket. Despite there being many T-shirts sold, Mr. Rohrbach was hoping for a large crowd of donators at the game.

“We’re really at the break-even point,” Mr. Rohrbah said. “We definitely need to sell more [shirts].”

Although this is the second annual FHC has done this drive, the charity is far from new. It has been around in some form since 1947, and is run by the United States Marine corps. They also run a literacy program for children who are without proper access to reading education resources.

Mr. Rohrbach just wants to see more funds raised in the hopes to compensate for the lacking T-shirt profits.

“I hope you can join us for a good cause,” he said.

Even though the fundraising at FHC is essentially over, students and others can still donate. Visit the charity’s Site to see ways of donating in the local area.