Guidance for changing culture

Many students from many different backgrounds are moving into the Francis Howell School District. Making a change from what a student is used to and entering a whole new system can be difficult. To help ease the transition, the guidance office is officially starting up a new program for black students who are moving in from areas such as North County.

“[It is] a different climate than what they’re used to,” said counselor Mrs. Michelle Breuer. “I don’t know their culture and they don’t know ours. The school is trying to help [their transition].”

For the past couple of weeks, the counselors have been gathering information to see if students would enjoy participating in the program.

“Some were kind of shy about it,” said Mrs. Breuer.

The program will meet at least once a month. The groups, which will consist of about eight to ten members, will be discussing issues such as stereotyping. One counselor will be assigned to each group.

So far, there is an estimate of two junior male and female groups, and two freshmen male and female groups. The idea is that once the juniors go through the program, they can help mentor the freshmen once the juniors become seniors.

Mrs. Breuer will be starting up her group on Monday, Oct. 31.

“Kids are moving in, and the culture is changing,” said Mrs. Breuer.